Fashion- The nobles love of beauty began with their own appearances. They had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry. Women wore long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk . To complete their outfits nobles often carried delicate decorative fans.

Literature- Women wrote diaries and journals about their lives. Lady Murasaki wrote The Tale of Genji. It's about a prince named Genji and his long quest for love. During his search he meets women from many social classes. People consider it the greatest novel of Japan.

Visual Arts- The most popular art forms of the period were paintings,calligraphy, and architecture. The nobles liked bright colors. They also liked paintings that illustrated stories. Decorative writing or calligraphy took hours to carefully copy poems. They wanted poems to look as beautiful as they like sounded.

Architecture- The nobles worked hard to make their city beautiful. Some buildings they liked simple airy designs. Most buildings were made of  wood with tiled roofs and large open spaces. Nobles surrounded them with elegant gardens and ponds.

Performing Arts- Performers often gathered to watch musicians,jugglers,and acrobats. These performances were wild and fun. Especially popular were the plays in which actors skillfully mimicked other people. Later centuries types of performances developed into a more serious drama called Noh. Created in the 1300s Noh combines music speaking and dance.

Buddhism changes-  Pure land Buddhism didn't require any special rituals. Instead Buddhists chanted the Buddhas name over and over to achieve a enlightened state. A popular new form of budding arose called Zen .

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