U.S. Rise to World Power Timeline

Laura Rojas

This is a timeline of important events that led the United States into a position as a World Power.

Spanish- American War

April 1898

This war was fought by the Americans and the Spanish. The conflicts started when the U.S.S. Maine exploded in Havana Harbor and 266 people got killed. The war only lasted 10 weeks.

End of The Spanish-American War

August 1898

The Treaty of Paris ends the war saying that the Spanish lost all control over its overseas territories. Stating the Cubans won the right to become an independent country from Spain, and the U.S. was now free to own the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Panama Canal Zone

November 1903

The U.S. formally took control of the canal, afterwards they started constructions the U.S. had control over it and everything within a 5 mile radius.

President Theodore Roosevelt

November 1904

Theodore Roosevelt wins his first election for President after serving three years in the office due to the death of William McKinley.

Troops Come Home

January 1909

All of the troops of the United States leave Cuba for the first time since the beginning of the Spanish-American War and come back to the U.S.

President Woodrow Wilson

March 1913

He became the president of the U.S. in very difficult times around the world. He changed course of the WWI.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

June 1914

Slavic group wanted to gain Independence causing them to commit an act o terrorism.

WW1 Begins

July 1914

Austria-Hungry declare war on each other. Austria-Hungry allies with Germany, while Serbia allies with Russia. Russia mobilizes while Germany tells them to stop.

Germany's Rage

August 1914

Germany declares war on Russia, France, and Belgium. Germany signs a secret alliance treaty with the Ottoman Empire.

Germany Proclamation

February 1915

When part of the ocean was part of war zone and Germany treated to sink ships.

Sinking of the Lusitana

May 1915

Germany sunk a British passenger ship killing more than 120 Americans.

Sussex Pledge

April 1916

Germany Promises not to sink ships without warning.

Failure of Diplomacy

February 1917

Unrestricted submarine warfare continues, Germany resume U Boat attacks U.S.

Zimmerman Telegraph

February 1917

G.B. understands what the others war team are saying, describing their plans to alliance with Mexico.

U.S. enters WW1

April 1917

Wilson joins power with Central powers.

Selective Service Act

May 1917

Government control soldiers, all men 21-30 must join the army. 10 million joined.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

March 1918

It was a peace agreement between Central Powers and Russia in force for only 8 months, being in accord to terminate the state of war as soon as possible.

Final Battle on Western Front

November 1918

Germany wanted victory before the Americans arrived, so they launched a huge offence sending them back 40 milles

Treaty of Versailles

November 1918

The Treaty of Versailles was the agreement that the war has been ended, it also was the document that blammed Germany for the war.

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