In Atlanta, author Ronnie C. Wright met and became friends with Mrs. Coretta Scott King through an introduction by Andrew Young. Referring to her late husband, Mrs. King told him - "you remind me of Martin." Ronnie has never forgotten those words nor the marvelous moments he shared with Mrs. King.

Cam Cane sat down with Ronnie to talk about his daily walk and to get his thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Q: What did you learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.?

A: Dr. King represented love! - Love of faith, family, friends & foe "caught in an inescapable network of mutuality" in America. Dr. King inspired humanity to think - think about priorities such as love, hope, peace, health, justice, economy, employment, right and wrong. He was a real person, with real theories, ideas, approaches, methods, ways and thoughts that extended and expanded the "American Dream" for all.

Q: What does "I Have A Dream" mean to you?

A: As the world's first Acroneticist, I focus on and invented what I coined [WIDTH] > Word Image Design Through Habits...therefore - "I Have A Dream" is a powerful link between words and images reflected as vibration and energy. Take the word [dream] > develop realistic expectations and motivations...for self-improvement. In essence - King was telling us to improve ourselves individually with the full-armor of God to be in position to help family, friends, foes and country.

Q: Did MLK Represent A Movement As A Whole?

A: In my mind - yes! Just as any good quarterback on a football team...he is the leader and; he handles the ball most of the time - so, it goes through him. Members of the team understood this fact - respected it and supported Dr. King as the "captain of the team" and the leader of the team. History reflects that he is a winner!

Featured image of Ronnie C. Wright in Beverly Hills courtesy of the Stayfine Fine Fitness Foundation. Note: Ronnie C. Wright is President  of the foundation.