He and She in the Philippines

With Sarah and Jeff at the graduation this April.

He was my English teacher in the Philippines. He was unbelievably eloquent, and a know-it-all to the extent that he could clearly express his opinions about any topic. And, he was crazy about a survival game in the real jungle. One day, he boasted that he had been trained by a real solider from the Filipino special force

He told me about many things about his country. The topics was varying from organized gangs, funeral culture, gun control, buddhism in America to conspiracy theories about 9/11. He explained social problems related to alcohol addiction even by exampling his ex-wife severely addicted to alcohol.

But, of the many stories, there are few things that I can remember so far because I could not understand 50% of what he said due to my poor listening. One of the interesting topics that he told me about was Gumbo, a kind of stew, popular in the southern part of the U.S. There was a very nice restaurant selling it near the place I stayed there. It was a  shame that I did not taste the food there.  

She in the photo was one of my best friends with whom I studied English there. She had much knowledge about tour and food. I could get a lot of  vivid information about famous tour places in the Philippines from her. She let me know the tricks of trade about how to get to the places, and save cost & time during tour. They were really useful when I took a trip to a small village called 'Sagada' which recently became famous for its fantastic underground caves. (I will soon post what I saw and experienced there on this blog with some photos.)

Though we never know each other in Korea, she was my very close neighbor. She has lived near my home. That might make us become closer. I went back to Korea one month early ahead of her. It was a shame that I could not meet her in Korea because she came back to Korea three weeks after I had departed to Canada for English study. But we still keep in touch with each other by email.  After quitting her job, she is preparing an exam to be a Korean teacher overseas.  

I miss him and her very much.