University of Texas State

The Texas State University has a very beautiful campus. It has a lot of students that live on the campus. It even has a little tubing lake that runs down the middle of the campus.

This is a Texas State frweshmen dorm room. It clearly has two beds and fits one girl and one boy. All freshmen are required to live in a dorm, so they can get used to the school. Once you are a senior you can live off campus.

The tuition for Texas State University is 22,000 with in-state credit. For the out of state tuition it is only 4,00 dollars more which is 26,000.

Texas State has a lot of fun actrivities such as scuba lessons. They dont havce many actitvities compared to UTA. Although they have some fun activities they dont have as much as any othyer bigger college.

Thje Texas State mneal plan is only offered to the students who live on the campus. Although they ave to pay monety it is pretty cheap for 4 years.

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