The american flag has 50 stars representing that America has 50 states.


"The Star-Spangled Banner"

Population of USA

The USA has 316,1 million people (2013)

The capital of USA

The capital of the USA is Washington.


The currency in the USA is the dollar.


The president of the USA is Barack Hussein Obama II. He's 53 years old. He has been the president for 6 years. Obama is the first African American president of the USA. He is also the 44th president of the USA.


There are a lot of celebrities in America. Here are some.


Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem. Eminem is a rapper. He's career started in 1996. He is 42 years old. Eminem is a part of rap groups like Bad Meets Evil and D12

This song talks a little bit about Eminem's life.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffery Jordan was a basketball player. He retired in 2003. He played in NBA for 15 seasons. Michael Jordan is 51 years old. He played baseball for one year.


Smosh is youtube channel that consists mainly of two men although recently they have gotten a big crew to help them. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They're both 27 years old. They met eachother at the age of 12. Smosh was the most subscribed youtube channel in 2007 but currently they are 4th. Smosh also has a lot of spin off channels including "Smosh Games" and "Shut Up! Cartoons".

This is Anthony

and this is Ian.


There are also a lot of landmarks in America. Here are some.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona. It's floor elevation is approximately 800 m. It's 446 km long and 6.4-29.0 km wide.

Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the face of Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore consists of George Washington's, Thomas Jefferson's, Theodore Roosevelt's and Abraham Lincoln's sculptures. Mount Rushmore is in Pennington County, South Dakota. It was established on the 3rd of March 1925.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located on the Liberty Island in Manhattan. The statue is 93 meters high. It was made by a French sculptor. The statue of liberty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Famous brands

Here are some famous American brands.


NBA stands for the "National Basketball Association". There are 30 teams in NBA. The commissioner of NBA is Adam Silver. NBA was founded on the 6th of June, 1946. The Boston Celtics is the team with the most titels in NBA (17 titels).


FOX is an American commercial broadcast television network. FOX is an international television channel, It's even in Estonia. FOX was founded on the 9th of October, 1985 by Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller. The slogan of FOX is "We are FOX". The longest running show on FOX is "The Simpsons" which has been running from 1989 to this very day.


Microsoft is a company that sells electronics. Microsoft was  founded on the 4th of April, 1975. Microsoft develops an operating system, and the newest version of it is Windows 8.1. Microsoft also develops gaming consoles like Xbox, Xbox360 and Xbox One. The founders of Microsoft are Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

The most popular sport

The most popular sport in America is American football. The biggest football league in America is NFL. There are 32 teams in NFL. In American football there are 11 players in both teams.

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