British America


Significance Of Britain Alliance

We're conservatives (Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation in politics); favoring a strong centralized government by more liberal view of the rules and regulations present in the constitution, encouragement of industries, attention to the needs of the great merchants and landowners, and establishment of a well-ordered society. Our nation is too young and our military is too small to risk any sort of engagement with either France or Britain. Our nation would suffer tremendously with the democratic-republicans view of being pro-France, damaging our ties for foreign trade, opening markets, continuing disputes stemming from the naval war, boundaries, and debts.

Significance Of Song To Britain Alliance

A thousand Alli in your eyes that's it, the Horde is over
Crumble cities crumble Horde are just in the way
If you get camped then you don't have to play
The Alliance is taking over

You know you're losing, rolled the wrong faction,
don't bother coming here

There are many benefits to siding with Britain which could lead to our salvation. Ending our ties with the French or suffer the consequences of damaging the economy through trade, causing despair to our cities, our French allies wouldn't be any help to us. The British alliance is becoming successful with Alexander Hamilton as George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury being the leader of the Federalist party. Choosing to side with the French as a democratic-republican is undoubtedly the wrong choice causing you to lose the war, and suffer as a nation. Do not come to us after all fails and you've already made your choice.

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