Going to another planet, bring Nickel!!!

Dos Equi's Man says: I don't always use elements, but when I do I use Nickel. Stay useful my friends.

What is Nickel?
Nickel is an element located in the group: 10 and in the period: 4. This element is a silvery-white metal, and the atomic number is 28. Also nickel is a very good alloy, it mixes with many various metals and such.

What are some of Nickel's properties?
Nickel is a silvery-white metal used to make alloys. Nickel is hard, malleable, and a ductile metal, also a very conductor of heat and electricity. It is a bivalent element, which leaves much space to mix with other elements. It dissolves slowly in dilute acids, and becomes passive when treated with nitric acid. Nickel that is finely divided absorbs hydrogen. Also it can resist corrosion even at high temperatures, which makes it a great alloy.

What are some common uses of Nickel?
Nickel is mostly used as an alloy. a big alloy use is to make united states currency, which consumes nickel and copper. If needed nickel can be drawn into wire. also can be used in gas turbines and rocket engines.

Why should i choose nickel to go to a planet with?
Arriving in a planet, say your alone and have nothing but magic tools and nickel. Well nickel can provide you with a very corrosion resistant structure, even in very hot temperatures. also if a villager comes along or something of the sort, nickel is very useful to trade or combine with other elements. overall nickel provides you with a very social element, a protective element, and a must need element to live on a brand new planet!!

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