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About Used Cummins Trucks

A celebrity in the diesel world, John “the Diesel Man” sells used Cummins trucks throughout the world and is recognized for his complete commitment and expertise regarding big, burly, diesel trucks as well as other automobiles. Retaining his own racing team and JDM apparel line, John continues to grow his business and impress truck fans the world over. Educated by some of the most well-known used truck dealers in the world, he sells and builds trucks from scratch, with any and every specification that a client may request. Unique in his process, John “The Diesel Man” provides fully backed warranties for used Cummins trucks and other items. Now, recognized as a specialist in the industry, individuals come to John when they need hard to find parts, pristinely cared for trucks, or special order engines.

John “The Diesel Man” began his career in truck sales and later moved onto motorcycle sales. After some time spent stunt riding, he went on to establish his own dealership, Fast Lane Diesel, the largest used Cummins truck dealer in the nation. To this day, John continues his entrepreneurial endeavors, and enjoys dealing with boats, real estate, guitars, and muscle cars as well.

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