Wanda Butts

By: Mia O. & Maicy S.

Wanda's Motivation

        Wanda Butts suffered a tragedy when her sixteen year old son drowned in a rafting trip, due to not knowing how to swim. This accident was an awakening for Wanda.  She realized she never taught her son how to swim because of her own fear of water. She knew she couldn't let anything like this happen to another person. She was on her way to making a change.

Josh Project

   In 2007 she started the Josh Project.  This is a program to mainly assist African American children, that can not swim. The reasoning is that the statistics for swimming, are African American children and 3 times more likely to drowned that white children. Wanda's goal is to change the statistics. The josh project has helped more than 1,000 kids learn how to swim. Her program has started to spread around the country, A man in a different state now is starting a josh project there to help even more kids form the dangers. Recently she has not just had kids swimming weekly but daily she has really made a change.  The josh project has grown and grown, Wanda has started speaking at schools and churches informing people about this issue. Also she has even had an African American  Olympic swimmer speak the her students. Last of all she has been nominated for CNN hero of 2013 award. Wanda hasn't just started swimming classes, she has started and chain reaction.

What is a hero?

The definition  of a hero is A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. Wanda has some of these features, She has courage because she had to get past the death of her son and carry on to prevent others from the situation he was in. She has turned the tragedy she went into a noble act of kindness.  She hasn't risked her life but she is saving lives. Are conclusion is that Wanda Butts is a modern day hero.

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