Using Social Media For Customer Retention

Depending on the situation, there are a variety of customer retention techniques available to businesses. They include listening to a customer's complaints and being empathetic, offering credits or replacement for merchandise that did not perform properly or providing future discounts on purchases. However, none of these methods are effective if an organization was never made aware that someone was unhappy with a product or service.

Thanks to social media feedback, businesses still have an opportunity to repair damaged customer relationships, even someone did not get in touch with a company about their problems. Studies show that 90 percent or more will not complain about a problem when it occurs. These individuals may not discuss their situation with a company representative, but they may still go online and report the problems they encountered on social media sites, forums and review websites.

There are programs available to aggregate social media comments about a company, and with this data, businesses are able to open the lines of communication with an individual. Even if someone did not get in touch with the business in question about a product or experience, they are often open to working towards a resolution when the business seeks them out. Furthermore, even if the individual does not respond to customer retention techniques, making a public effort to resolve the problem will help reduce or eliminate the negative impact of the comments.

Along with recovering customers who have been less than satisfied with their experience with an organization, tracking social media feedback and responding to it can improve customer loyalty in other ways. In addition to the possibility of losing a customer when problems are not reported, businesses are unaware of issues that may potentially harm other customer relationships. By looking at comments made on the Internet, companies can be proactive about handling product and service issues and prevent them from causing other negative experiences.

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