Using Tackk at your OETC Exhibit

Tackk, a free, content creation tool, can be used by exhibitors to dynamically promote their conference experience and gather feedback at #OETC15. Creating a Tackk + Stream for the trade show is a simple, quick and organized way that exhibitors can connect with the attendees during and after the show.

Here are some features on Tackk that can creatively help your exhibit at OETC 2015:


Use Stream to gather attendee data, insights, questions, etc. during the show. Located at the bottom of each Tackk or separately on your profile, different Streams can be used to store information. For instance, if you were interested in receiving initial thoughts on a new product you've just presented, you can create a Tackk under your account that will feature the product and leave Stream space for attendees to share their insights.

Email Invite

Instead of emailing attendees from list you've kept at the conference, track and contact your visitors through the email invite feature. Create a general Tackk under your profile about the highlights of your booth. Then have attendees type in their personal email addresses using the email invite feature found on the published Tackk's sharing options. All attendees will receive an email inviting them to view your #OETC15 highlighted Tackk.


Each published Tackk has a unique hashtag system built into it. Using hashtags within the content of the your Tackk or in the edit options will automatically group your Tackk's into an individual Tackkboard. Try finding your own unique hashtag and promoting it to attendees when they visit your booth. During and after the conference, attendees can create their own Tackks about their experiences at your booth and group them with your exhibitor using your designated hashtag.

For more explanation and ideas on how to use
Tackk at #OETC15, check out this Tackk from their blog.

How will you use Tackk at your exhibit? Post in the Stream below!