Cristian Cuadros-Contreras

7th-grade English portfolio

My portfolio reflection

1. At the beginning  of the year I used more generic slang like words for my writing but than I began to describe things with more details witch led to me using more formal words.

2. My writing strengths are when I describe things or when I just write in general. I am strong in these things because at home my English teaching mom, psychologist dad, and A student sister all use very intelligent and descriptive words witch allow me to speak differently than most kids my age.

3. My grammar and spelling is something I need much help on. I need help on this because as I am writing this reflection I  miss spell something.

4.I think the piece of writing that best captures my growth as a writer and thinker is my outsiders essay. The outsiders essay was one of our last long writing assignments that we had and what that means is that we took everything we have learned and put it into this.

5.I am most proud of my wonder Ir project because of the amount of time I took to enjoy the book and because of the words and time I put into my writing.

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Goodreads review and brief summary

The book Wonder written by R.J. Palacio was a very humorous and emotional experience. This book was very engaging because it would have some very sad moments but then they would brighten up with the humor of the characters. Also you could connect with the characters because of how well the author made them and how amazingly realistic there personality's were.The book Wonder had some very important morals in it that changed my way of thinking about other people and how helpful you can be to other people. The book was so good that it was hard to put it down. In conclusion, Wonder was a very mind blowing and exciting novel, that I would probably read again.

Wonder is a book about how you should not judge a person by how they look but by how they act. This book is about a boy named August Pullman who is entering the fifth-grade with a facial deformity. August was home schooled since he was born until now, when his parents believe he is ready to go to school. Since August looks different people feel different around him which causes some of the main problems in this book. Later on in the book August begins to make friends and learns to overcome his problems at school. By the end of the book August has had a wonderful year and will have a better one next year.

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Hero’s Journey Essay

The hero of a story is the light in the dark the up stander of a situation. In this essay the reader will learn many thing about the hero's journey and how they fit into the ponyboy’s story. One of the things you should know is that ponyboy and most greasers live a tough life so some of the things they might say or experience could be quite shocking. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a mono myth because ponyboy the protagonist experiences the hero's journey.

Ponyboy experiences the separation from the known when Johnny kills the socs Bob and they are forced to run away with the help of their friend Dally. After Johnny kills bob he tells ponyboy, “we gotta get out a here. Get somewhere, run away. The police will be here soon”pg 57. In the hero's journey, the separation from the known is when the hero is faced with something he or she is new and not comfortable with or with something that they have no experience with. In the Outsiders, Johnny and Ponyboy experience the separation from the known because of what Johnny did to Bob and because of how they dealt with it. This quote shows evidence of Johnny telling Ponyboy that they should hide and run away instead of facing their consequences. The reason why they think this way is because of the rumors they have heard of the electric chair. This is the main reason that they react like this but also they have never been in a situation like this and they are nervous and scared so the first thing that comes to their mind is there crazy friend dally who has experienced something similar many times. By the end of this chapter Johnny and Ponyboy began their escape with the help of dally but what they don't know is what is ahead or what will come from this.

In conclusion, the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a book that shows the hero's journey through different perspectives but especially through ponyboy’s. The point of this essay is to let the reader to understand and feel for the characters. And how the hero's journey is a slow but achieving goal. Remember that this happens in most people’s life and that you should be there for the people who need help in their story.

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