Innovation and High Precision of Citizen Chronograph Watches

Throughout its 80-odd years existence, CITIZEN focused on the world of watchmaking from a multi-cultural perspective. One one hand, their creativity brings in designs and finishes to suit every walk of life; on the other, its their excellent understanding of technology that helps them create one thing after the another keeping the users’ demand in mind. It’s not easy to blend preferences and likings of every demographic into one (perhaps Citizen will also do that someday), so Citizen rolls out a vast array with every section containing a definite kind of watch. The only common thing between them is they are all high-precision products of artistic and technical innovations.

Citizen’s pivotal technological breakthrough, the Eco-Drive is now commonplace; it has become synonymous to Citizen and clouds out their plain quartz and automatic movements; it comes even in simple Citizen chronograph watches! It ensures you do not run out of power at the middle of an important time-tracking session and stand a fool in front of the rest. When your Eco-Drive mechanism is working properly, so does your chronograph. It doesn’t fail otherwise.

Citizen got it long back how much ever macho or manly or feminine the name sounds, unless it’s top quality material and make, things matter little to those who know watches. While fully at it, Citizen’s offerings are also enjoyed greatly by them who don’t know watches very well due to sheer esthetic appeal. Together, it’s good business for Citizen which, now stretches beyond the atmospheric boundaries.

Not that they are selling to aliens; it’s just their PROMASTER Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE –AIR! It depends on signals coming from the space – again, it’s not alien signals but those transmitted by GPS satellites. The innovation of GPS got Citizen to develop ultra-precise timekeeping, anywhere on Earth. The advanced satellite timekeeping system of the Citizen eco drive calendar makes that possible, taking just four seconds on an average to receive the signals, which come from as far as 20,000 km from the Earth's crust. That’s fast, if not anything, irrespective to the position of the satellite in its orbit. The best are open spaces; the automatic time’n date correction speed is optimum under a clear sky. The World Time function is also driven by the same mechanism - for all 26 cities – making it a great traveller’s watch.

Citizens’ highest innovation in materials till date are their proprietary ceramic and Super-Titanium, although you get normal Titanium alongside. These materials were specially designed to complement the airy designs and to comfort your skin. Both are resistant to corrosion and incredibly tough and light; Citizen’s surface-hardening technology being the secret behind. The ceramic is as hard as steel while the Titanium gets five times the hardness of stainless steel. However, you don’t need to go deeper; just stay happy for these advanced materials, apart from granting an increased comfort and durability to the wearer, offers superior scratch resistance and helps maintain the beautiful looks and lustre longer than any other watch in the same price range.