By Jako Nguyen

Video Games Effect on the Brain.

The brain changes don’t appear to be permanent, but a player’s brain does change due to violent video games. Because of the video games people become more aggressive and have emotional outburst.  Having hard times concentrating. Youths who are heavy gamers can end up with 'video-game brain,' in which key parts of the frontal region of their brain become chronically underused, altering moods. Its really the players choice, healthy brain, or video games.

what effect do video games have effect on the body.

  • Becomes less active
  • emotional outburst
  • aggression
  • become oblivious to their surroundings
  • Less inhibited to their emotions
  • Feeling of fear
  • Increase of; high blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen consumption
  • Quite long time effect

How to prevent or solve these problems.

  • Taking a break from your game
  • Being more active
  • Limit the time you play

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