How Isis Makes Money 2/20/2015 #SJSReports

Numerous sources tell CNN that  Isis makes about 1-2 million dollars a day from oil sales. The oil comes mostly from two places controlled by Isis, northern Iraq and northern Syria. They would sell the oil to people who really need it. According to Foreign Policy, Isis is estimated to make about 44,000 barrels in Syria and 4,000 barrels in Iraq a day. Isis controls about 6 million people today and they need oil. Another way they make money is from ransoms form kidnapping. From all the ransoms Isis has got about 125 million dollars. Some people that Isis captured are Nicolas Henin, Pierre Torres, Edouard Elias and Didier François. With all the money that Isis is getting, there are able to buy a stronger weapon to use against us. I predict that the more money Isis gets, it will affect the future.

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