8 MEH.2.2 The Decision-Making Model

Step 1: A not so popular student has invited you to a sleep over at a birthday party on Friday night. You have accepted the invitation and are planning to attend. On Wednesday, you are invited to a boy-girl party for the same Friday night by one of the most popular students in your school, someone you have hoped to become friends with. After talking with your friends, you realize most of them will attend the boy-girl party. Your parents have told you it is your decision, but that you should attend the party you responded to first. You really want to be a part of the popular crowd. What do you do?

Step 2: I could either go to the Popular Party or the Unpopular Party

Step 3: I could go to the Popular Party and become friends with the popular people or I could go to the Unpopular party and not be popular but stay true to my word

Step 4: My friends might be mad at me for not going to the Popular party but my parents will be satisfied and I will be popular or the unpopular student will get mad at me and my parents will be disappointed but I will  be popular.

Step 5: I decided to go to the Popular party

Step 6: I decided to go to the Popular party because my friends are going and I want to become friends with the person who invited me.

Step 1: Football season starts this weekend and Steve is excited about his school's first game. He has already purchased his ticket and has made plans to meet his friends there. His school team is playing their long-time rival and it should be the best game of the season. On the night before the game, Steve's parents receive a phone-call from friends visiting in a city 30 miles away. Steve's parents have not seen these friends in years because they live in a distant state. Friday night is the only time Steve's parents can drive to see their friends. Steve's parents have asked him to stay home from the game to babysit his six-year-old brother. They realize Steve has made plans to go to the game but feel that he will have an opportunity to attend many more games this year. Steve's parents will let him make the final decision.

Step 2: Steve could either go to the game or stay home and babysit his little brother

Step 3: Steve can go to the game and have a good time with his friends but his parents won't be able to see their friends or Steve can stay home and babysit and his parents will see their friends but his friends will be disappointed and he will have missed the best game of the season.

Step 4: If he goes to the game he and his friends will be happy but his parents won't be and if he babysits his parents will be happy but him and his friends won't

Step 5: I would go to the game.

Step: 6 I would go to the game because it is the best game of the season and I had already made plans for it before my parents found out about their friends being close by.

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