My Life

Things I want to do and things I dream of becoming

I've always dreamed of travelling the world exploring vast beautiful lands, I've always wanted to see beautiful sights such as the Aurora Borealis aka the northern lights, my inspiration to travelling is my uncle he's always on the move, he's currently in Scotland, but has been to Argentina, Holland, Canada, Italy, South Africa, New York, Las Vegas, Australia, Hawaii, Sweden, and Singapore.

The aurora borealis

If I was to start a small business I would open a small coffee shop in the centre of town, it would feel good to serve hot fresh roasted coffee to people knowing that they like it :3

A large business I would like to work for is Google, I hear its a fun environment to work in, they have slides which is also a bonus AND if a google employee dies their spouse gets their salary for a further ten years

My dream job or profession has always been to be a boxer, I'd love to be a boxer as , my granddad and dad were before me but didn't get the chance to go anywhere with it.

The Perfect Job

If I never make it as a boxer I would love to be an explorer, I would love to travel the world helping the poor, setting up charities and trying to help rid the world of poverty

The product I cannot live without is my orange laptop, I am on it everyday and it has all my music, games, pictures and everything on it like internet and so on

My favourite brand is Adidas I like most of their products and they are comfortable and look good, I mostly wear Adidas because im a very sporty person

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