Relatives Of The Violin – Understanding The Basics

The skill of playing a music instrument is a gift in itself – one that continually needs to be honed and polished. The process of learning and improving goes hand-in-hand with selecting the right instrument, keeping in mind one’s inclination and proficiency. It is common knowledge that the violin in fact has relatives, named viola and cello. Although the sound ranges of the three instruments tend to overlap in places, they can still be distinguished in terms of their size.

The Viola

The viola is slightly larger in size than a violin. Owing to this larger size, the playing techniques differ in some places from that of the violin. This instrument is associated more with orchestral playing.
One can find violas for sale based on the following criteria:

Categorized on skill basis, three generalized classes are student violas, intermediate violas and professional violas. Student violas are typically machine made and very affordable for beginners and learners in early stages. These violas cost range lies between 300$ and 2000$ typically, depending on the brand, kit and accessories one chooses. Intermediate violas are a tad more costly than student violas given the fact that they are mostly if not entirely crafted by hand. Materials used in intermediate viola also get an upgrade. Professional violas are premium class violins meant for proficient players. They are crafted entirely by hand, with painstaking attention to each detail.

Categorizing this instrument based on key, there are the Alto viola and the Tenor viola. The latter is meant to produce lower sound, therefore is a bit larger in size than Alto viola. If one plans to have kids learn to play the viola, they may have to find a way around to tackle its large size. No matter what the case, one can always find kids’ violins for sale. This violin’s strings can be swapped with a viola’s, and thus one’s kids can now learn to play the viola without much trouble. Kids will always grow in size if violas don’t shrink!

The Cello

Next in the lineage of the violin family is the cello. This instrument is the largest in its family, and is played sitting down on a stool. It is typically used for playing bass and clef parts in a composition, however treble and tenor portions can be played for high notes. Going solo, cello is hugely popular among the masses because of its capacity to produce human-like low notes. One can find cellos for sale in the same shops/online stores as the violins and violas as the three belong to the same group of stringed instruments. Cellos are also available in varying sizes suiting the needs of the user – 1/10, 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 4/4. Other classifications go the same way as for violas and violins, namely student cellos, intermediate cellos and professional cellos.

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