H.cooper holiday takk page

hope everyone enjoys there holiday

2013-Top Ten things i am thankful for this year

1- I am thankful for my beautiful mother all ways taking care of me. 2- Im thankful for all the people that loves and supports me with the things I do. 3- I am thankful for the talent god has given me in on the field and off. 4- Im thankful for my couches for helping me win the football championship. 5- Im thankful for my looks. 6- I am thankful for god for blessing me and my family and watching over us at all times. 7- Im thankful for everything my parents give me. 8- I am thankful for my school teachers giving me the brains i need to carry on in life. 9- Im thankful for food. 10- I am thankful for family.

where i was during the holiday.

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