Agents Of Socialzation


My family has socialization me via manners and how to act. Such as not to hit women and treat others the  way you want to be treated. My Dad taught me how to fish, play various sports and such. While my mom taught me how to cruse and how "not to behave" in public. My Grandpa taught my how to respect cops since he was one for 31 years and how to honor laws. My Grandma taught me how to take care of my toys and clothes.

Peer Groups

My friends have socialize me via hobby's and common instests. Some of theses hobbys are archery and gaming. The experiences i have with them have givin me life lessons. These lessons are dealing  people i dont like, advice and many others. I have learn how to handle and care about them. I Have learn a lot about talking to people.


Media has socialized me via Music, News, And Celebrity. Music has opened my views and changed the way I think about various subjects. News has given me new details about topics and what culture deems ok and accepted thoughts and behaviors. News has exposed me to things I have though where bad and/or good. Celebrity's have taught me culture like my favorite comic George Carlin a image counterculture. Media has made a very a big impact on me.


School has helped me interact with others and people in power and to learn rules and punishments. I have learned how to obey rules. I learned about what happens when you break the rules. I have learned how to respect  people with power over me. I have learned how to deal with people i don't like in classes and teachers i don't like as well.I have made friends at school that have opened my mind to socialization.

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