Georgia woman allegedly threatens white cops on Facebook, lands in jail

Conecpts: Secretary of Homeland Security, Judicial Branch and Rule of Law.

Summary of Story:

33 year old, Ebony Dickens, a women from Georgia made a fake profile on Favebook and wrote some very provocative things on her page. She said "I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I'm either caught by the police or killed by them. Ha!!!! I think I can pull it off. Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I'm plotting now." And she also told all black people to shoot white cops in the nation. She is now being held in jail and has a $10,000 bail. She is also banned from all social media... shocking.

Explanation of Concepts:

This article shows the secretay of homeland security because the Dickens case can be classified as an act of terrorism because she is threatening to kill police. This article is about the judicial branch because after getting caught she had to go to the court to get a punishment for her crime. This article is also about rule of law because people have to abide by a set of laws and she broke two laws, terrorism and threatening an officer.