Make Your Images Interactive

ThingLink is an engaging app that allows the creator to easily make an image interactive by adding clickable tags and share the tagged images on social networks.  The creator can also add videos, music, web links, text, and more to their images.  This app is a great way for teachers to provide information to students, but also an interactive way for students to create engaging presentations of their research.

How hard is ThingLink to use?

ThingLink is a very simple app to use.  By following the instructions linked below, you and your students will be creating ThingLinks in your classroom in no time!  Be sure to watch the video below as well.  

Seems legit! Now, how do I use it in the Social Studies classroom?

As a teacher, you can use ThingLink to introduce a new topic or concept to your class.  You can attach pictures, video, text, web pages, or audio to your interactive presentation, and your students can go through the information at their own pace.  This is great for getting information to students who are absent as well.

Even better, your students can create presentations that are more interactive and informative than many other presentation apps.  If you've used poster boards in the past, ditch them and have your students create a ThingLink!  It allows them to do all the same things as a poster board, and even more.  Also, their ThingLink is completely interactive and you can show it to other classes without having to explain it to them.  There is also an area to comment, so you can have your students comment to a question at the bottom of the ThingLinks to prove they have looked at them.  

There are so many uses for ThingLink, its up to your creativity to determine what you want created with this great app!

I hope you find this App to be very useful in your classroom!