‘Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken’

Why do so many poor people eat junk food, fail to budget properly, show no ambition? Linda Tirado knew exactly why… because she was one of them. Here, in an extract from her book, Hand to Mouth, she tells her story in her own words

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Liberty and Equality

Poor people didn't get the chances everyone else had. People on the news a lot of the time make it sound like impoverished citizens could have a better life but they don't help themselves. These people didn't have liberty because of different reasons, unstable environments, natural disasters , not enough income to start with , etc. There are too many reasons why people can't build a better life, they didn't get the liberty that America portrays. If someone has 3 kids with their husband then he leaves them, what can the mother do about the situation, most likely its too hard to afford 3 kids all on her own. People that were born into rich families have more power and access. Not everyone can be equal if you have a 23 year old trying to find a way through college struggling without money and a 23 year old who never had to go to school and has a 3 million dollar allowance. Even if your an educated person, there are heights that you won't be able to reach because of income, like running for  president takes a lot of money for the campaign.


This woman narrates the struggle of impoverished people and those who can't make life better for themselves because they never got the chance in the first place. She starts with how her family was poor from the beginning and that she couldn't finish college. It  eventually leads to the stories of people she met and the marches and protest that she did for other impoverished people.

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