Art Career Research Project

Sammamish Arts Commission "Seniors Making Art 4/17/12" April 9, 2012

From the large list of Art careers provided, select a career that you would be interested in pursuing or knowing more about.  

Richard Lee. "Education" September 24, 2007

What kind of education is required to do this career?

George Smyth "The Architect's Hand" March 25, 2009

What tasks are in that person’s job description and what materials do they work with?

Doug Wheller. "Money cash."  May 15, 2010.

What is the salary range for this career in at least 3 different locations?

Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira. "In good (although limited) company..." September 8, 2006.

What are some places/companies that someone in this position would work at?

Gates Foundation. "Quality Education Starts Early"  January 25, 2007.

Who are two people that actually work in that career, and where do they work? Give a brief biography and show some examples of projects they have worked on.

This image is from:

Where did you get your information? (Google, Bing, Yahoo are search engines, not websites, and Wikipedia is NOT a valid source! )

USAID Agency for International Development. "Ensuring Every Girl a Right to an Education in Yemen." August 14, 2012.

You will be graded by the rubric below:

Organization (Is it in logical order? Can you follow the topics along with headings?
Does it have relevant images?)=25

Responds to all questions=50

Provides source for information and images=25

Two good starting points!

damaradeaella. "The End." August 27, 2008.

You will create your own tackk to present this information. You will be required to build it at and make an account so that you can save it and share the link.

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