Persuasive Writing

  Have you ever wondered who picks up the trash, makes the road safe,and recycles? Well if you didn’t you should read this writing

My dad ( George) should be noticed more, he works for the committee, he make sure the streets are safe for people to drive on and the roads are not full of snow are slippery. For example if my dad just did garbage the roads would be very slick and the other person doing the roads wouldn’t get to be finish in time and the roads wii have to be closed until he/her is finish. It will take longer with one person than it will take together.My dad should also be noticed because he does all this work that is not even part of his station. He picks up the soda cans and put it up. So when you meet my dad tell him that he should noticed, and he is very important. Even when my dad is not at work he is still helpful and he will help you at any time you need him to help you. MY DAD IS IMPORTANT:<)