Civilian Space Travel

By: Joe Larson

Should civilian space travel be allowed?  Absolutely not.  Reasons for this idea are what would a civilian do in an emergency?  What if a person quit in the middle of the training and wanted a refund? A lot of time and money would be wasted! And lastly civilians will just take the trip as a cool personal experience.

My first reason for not allowing civilians in space is because they would have no clue at all of knowing what to do in case of an emergency.  A civilian would probably panic and be useless, but an astronaut would know what to do because he or she would know because they have been studying this for a long time!  Plus if a civilian accidently pressed a button or lever it could possibly kill everyone on and would create billions of dollars in damage!  Why risk it?

Next, what would happen if a civilian was already through training and gave up? A ton of money would probably be wasted!  The civilians don't really know how hard the training is until their already in it.  If they decided to quit when it already has begun, they could want their money back and that

My final reason is a civilian would use this trip as "a cool personal experience."  That person would probably not make many observations at all, and they probably would not be as accurate as a scientist or astronaut that they were taking the place of.  Although some think this could be a great personal experience and they will see breath-taking views, it isn't worth it for them to take the place of an astronaut.

Some probably think that if you have the money to go in space you should be able to!  No, millions of dollars could be wasted.  Let's keep space travel to the professionals!

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