by; Leshala Lambert

Hey guess what do you now 5 bitish and irsh guys ? Of coues you don't so let me tell you about One direction let get started Harry with the curls

When Harry was about 7 years old his mom and dad had davo but is mom remarrid . Harry was born in feb/1/1994. His favorite food is tocas. He loves it when girls play in his hair. Harry wares converse's his favorite color to wear is white he use to wear bow ties. He is the younges member of one direction. He is bitish and he is 19.

Niall The Funny One !

Niall loves to eat . Naill was born on Sep/13/1993. His hair use to be brown and now its blond he is irish. He is 20 years old. Niall has been in relatship for about 3 days.

Zayn Is The Vain

Zayn is 20 years old.He is getting married in Decmber. His girlfrend name is Parrie from Little Mix .He is british . He is a good artis he made his on part in What makes you beautiful. Zayn loves chicken. Zayn was born in jan/12/1993.

Louis The leader !

Louis has a girlfriend named is Eleanor. Louis loves differint kinds of dough. He love it when girls how eat carrots .He loves to play soccer. Louis was born on dec/24/1993.

LIam The Smart One

Liam was born in aug/29/1993. He loves chocolate. He use to have a girlfriend. He is afriad of restron spoons. in this is us the movie he kind of got scard becase he had a cord bord of him self.

The entire Band!

Once Harry all most die because he put a towla on his head but Zayn saved him and he thow the towla at the crow.

. Their song are *Best song ever *Live while young *One thing *More then this *What makes beautiful. *And more . Harry wants to name his first baby girl Darcy.

How Many

Niall dated 20 girls Louis dated 12 girls Harry dated about 19 girls Zayn dated 1 girl Liam dated 2 girls.

Funny Moments


Once Liam put tea cups on Louis's head and he moved and liam jumped . one time one direction had a game show and Harry fell. Niall once had

remember to use these fact's if a friend ask's you do you now anything about one direction. So good luck!