Captain Corita: Easter Officer

Coming Sunday Morning, April 20,
to a Hunger Center Near You.

Forget about boring small talk with family this Easter. No mumbling about the weather and to heck with speaking sports. Let them in on your secret identity: today you were a hero, and you helped feed thousands.

You may have seen Channel 5's posts about St. Augustine's already: this year, there is a shortage of volunteers, drivers, and Easter candy at some of their hunger centers. We suspect Project Millipede has something to do with this, but there's no telling for sure. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know can answer the call, please call (216)781-5530 to check in with Sister Corita and find out where we need you the most.

Please share this with anyone and everyone you can. We look forward to seeing our regulars in the Tremont unit and hope everyone has a fantastic holiday free of evil robotic humanoids.

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