When you want to joke w/ someone, first make sure that. What you are going to do isn't going to hurt them & affect them in any way.

Hi guys, so a few days ago. I did a lil' prank, where I told my ex-boyfriend tht I was moving schools.. So here's how it went:

Me// What-if, I told u tht I was moving schools...?

Him// R u rly?

Me// ...

Him// Ur movin?!?!

Me// Who said I was MOVIN, I only said tht I was moving 2 a different school..

Him// R u?

Me// ... Maybe tht's why I've been missing school so much..

Him// 😧 R u moving?

Me// 😕😐

Him// No..?

Me// I'm sry...

Him// Y did u move?

Me// .. Reasons.

Him:// Like what?

Me// R u sad?

Him// Yah... Y did u have 2 move?

Me// ...

Him// Please..

Me// ... 😐😕😔

Him// Wat happened?

Me// It's nothing..

Him// Y. Did. U. Move.

Me// .. It's nothing.

Him// Y???

Me// Because..

Him// Y?

Me// .. I might have 2 break up w/ u..

Him// Y?

Me// ..

Him// Where r u moving 2?

Me// I didn't say I was moving, I'm just going 2 a different school..

Him// Y?

Me// Ok, ok. U know.. I just got u bck for pranking me tht u were locked inside the mall. Haha, I would never move. I got u bckk. Ur welcome! Tht was pretty funny.

Him// Tht... Tht was pretty good.

Me// If I was actually moving 2 a different school, I would've showed u proof..!

Him// I love u 4 tht. 😊

Me// Haha, did I scare u?

Him// Yeah..

Me// Did u like my prank..?

Him// Hold on.. I'm thinking of a way 2 get u bck..

Me// Ok, I'll let u do tht..

Him// Ok, I have 2 go anyways. So bye, I love u.

Me// Bye, I love u 2. 😊


So, fast forwarding 2 the day my ex-boyfriend pranked me.. Here's how it went:

Him// U can't tell her, she can't know!!

Him// Crap...

Him// Ignore the last txt..

Me// Wat...? Tell who..? Me..?

Him// Nooo.

Me// ... Ur lying 2 me..

Him// I don't want 2 tell u..

Me// .. Ok, 'cause u don't wnt 2 hurt my freaking feelings..?

Him// Ur strong, right.??

Me// .. U know wat, watevr. I don't give a crap anymre..

Him// Ur best friend likes me, she told me..

Me// I swear, ur  just trying 2 get me bck, 'cause I pranked u..

Him// No, I'm not..

Me// .. Watevr.

Him// She did something 2 me in the hallway, near the gym... 😶

Me// .. Ur lying 2 me..

Him// I'm not, I swear 2 God..

Me// ...

Him// No, I'm serious. 'Cause, I was helping her like I help u & she said 2 me, "I like u, 'cause u actually listen." & so.. I asked her, "As a friend, right..?". Then, she looked @ me in the eyes.. & then told me, "Maybe, I like u more than tht.." & pulled me in 2 kiss me in the lips, but when she was leaning in 4 a kiss I closed my eyes.. Is tht a bad thing.?

Me// Ur probably trying 2 get me bck, but I don't freaking know anymore.. U might be telling the truth, but I just have no freaking idea..

Me// Ok, I'm going 2 let you do watevr the crap u want, now..

Him// Wat if this was true..?

Me// U told me u swore 2 God..

Me// .. U know wat, I don't freaking give a crap anymore..

Him// This was all a joke..

Me// Watevr.

Him// Haaaa, I got u bck..!

Me// Wat. Evr. Ok..

Him// R u ok..?

Me// .. Yah, I'm "ok"..

Him// Ok, I think I'm goin 2 stop tht..

Me// No. U can do watevr 2 heck u want, I don't care anymore.. 'Cause I'm done w/ this bull crap..

Him// No.. I'm just dumb.. I don't think u want 2 talk 2 me anymore, now..

Me// No, but I'm just going 2 go now..

Him// I'm so sorry..

Me// I don't freaking care about sorrys anymore..

Him// Y? Omg, this is 'cause of me. I shouldn't have gotten u bck, this is my fault..

Me// Wat. Evr. Ok. Crap happens, maybe if u like my best friend so much, y don't u freaking tell her..? Huh.? 'Cause u probably do like her. I swear, life is a freaking pain in the butt.. But u know wat, I don't care anymore..

Him// I don't like her.. Tht was just a joke. Plus, I'm ugly. No one likes me, anyways...

Me// Well, if ur having thoughts of her kissing u.. Maybe u should tell her, 'cause she DOES like u.. So, watevr..

Him// Wat u just said was just a lie, who would like me..

Me// I'm not freaking lying, when I'm mad the truth comes out.. It just happens. She. Likes. U. Ok, I'm done w/ this crap now..

Him// I didn't know tht.. But, I do know who I like, & tht's u.. Ehh, what am I talking about, I don't JUST like u.. I love u, I always will.. 'Cause, whenevr I'm sad, or feeling broken. It's the thought of u tht picks me up, & puts me bck on track. Tht's y I tell u when I'm sad, so u could make me laugh.

Me// .. Watevr, I swear. I could be mean 2 u right now, but I don't want 2. I think I'm going 2 do my own thing now. So, do watevr u freaking want..

Him// No. I want 2 talk 2 u, I don't want u 2 go. Ur my world, I love u.. & I don't want u 2 leave, sure, ppl might like me. But, my heart will always belong 2 u.. Ur my sunshine, my only sunshine.. You make me happy, when skies r gray.. You'll never know, dear.. How much I love u, so please.. Don't take my sunshine away..

Me// Y don't u tell her tht, since she likes u.. I don't give a single crap anymore..

Him// I do, I like u & only u.. I love u.. U know, u could break-up w/ me, if u want.. I'd understand..

Me// Y don't u freaking ask her out..?! Huh..?! 'Cause, I think u r better w/ her than w/ me.. U know wat, I officially hate everyone & everything..

Him// No.. Tht's not true..

Me// Yes, it is true.. Ok, I think we r not together anymore..

Him// Y would u think tht I like her..? U already know who I love.. & tht's u..

Me// I. Don't. Freaking. CARE. Ok..?!? Do watevr the HECK u want, 'cause I know u liked my best friend @ certain point.. I could tell. But wat the heck, I should've known.. But at least I told u tht I liked u first, but I feel like our friend-ship is goin 2 be something like, I love u but, u probably like someone else, so.. Hey, at least I tried, right? So, go out w/ someone & then tell me how it feels, it probably feels rly great, right..? & plus, I could tell tht u liked a lot of girls, by the way u looked @ them.. But I tried 2 ignore it, but the prank tht u did just hurt me so much, 2 the point tht I cried. Thanks, by the way 4 making me cry.. I REALLY needed it. But life is a butt-hole, I officially hate life now. Not 'cause of u, but 'cause of me, being me.. But watevr, I'm going 2 stop talking now..

Him// No, please.. U know who I love..? Hmmm.?

Him// I'm so sorry, u could break-up w/ me, if u want.. I won't & can't stop u..

Me// I have 2 be honest.. I will still love u, but we aren't together anymore.. So, yah..

Him// Y..? 'Cause u think tht I like / liked someone else..?

Me// No, 'cause I KNOW tht u like someone..

Him// How..? How would u know tht I like someone else, instead of u..? Where's the proof..?

Me// I know, 'cause of the way u look at them.. But watevr..

Him// Who..? Huh..?

Me// I'm just going2o stop talking, now..

Him// Y..? I'm not taking 2 anyone else.. But if u don't want 2 talk, that's cool too..

Me// Watevr, I'm just having thoughts, again.. I'm dumb, tht's all..

Him// ... Do u like me still..?

Me// Yes.. I told u tht, already. But I told u tht we r not together anymore..

Him// How..? 'cause, the person tht I wait 4, everyday is u. The only person tht makes me smile, is u. The only reason I go 2 school is u, the only girl I LOVE is u..

Me// Forget 'bout tht crap, dude.. Tht may be true & crap, but I don't believe tht crap anymore..

Him// Y..?!

Me// 'cause, I'm just like tht..

Him// U could stop talking 2 me, if u want 2  get your head cleared..

Me// My head is never cleared..

Him// Well, get it cleared temporarily. I guess..

Me// Tht wouldn't help, but watevr..

Him// Do u will want 2 talk 2 me..?

Me// Yah, but crap is happening..

Him// Oh..

Me// Yah..

Him// U know u could talk 2 my little sister..

Me// No, I'm going 2 go now.. Bye.

Him// Bye, I love u..

Me// We. R. Not. Together..


Always make sure that it'll never affect the person you are pranking in a bad way..

Life is hard.. But you got to stay positive..

Stay Strong & Spread Happiness 💗


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