By Cristo Solis

UTA Physical adress is 701 S Nedderman Br, Arlington, TX 76019 (817)-272-2011

The Mascot is a Blaze.

The acceptance rate for UTA is 69%

The meal plans has a element for the tear of plan. For Example, Platnium is the highest plan. The higher meal plan the more meals you can get in a day. I think the highest one you can like go to the place where they give the food and just get it. No need to worry about the meal not filling you up because you can get more if you have a better element for the meal plan.

They have a lot of Traditions: Fair day, Breck life, international week, oozeball tournament, Homecoming, Bed races, Rubbing Hereford's forehead, and more...

They offer a lot of majors and degrees programs. A lot of people like UTA because of there society and there offers of majors.

The instate cost for attending is 18,001. The international undergraduate, 18,174

The sports they have are soccer, Tennis, volleyball,and more, but no football, the reason why they dont have a football team is because for a long period of time there team was really bad like really really bad, but maybe one year they might bring it back and try again

One of the UTA's historical buildings is the UTA stadium, it has a planetarium.

I would love to attend UTA because I feel like that university is good for me.

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