Alzheimer's and Brain Tumors

Alzheimer's is a form of memory loss that can be gained from your history and former relatives. Some symptoms are ageing, stress, memory loss, problems remembering facts, language problems, bad word fluency, and exhaustion. Their is no cure for this disease but it can be reduced by eating healthy. You can not prevent this disease. It worsens as it progresses and is the most common form of dementia. Their is confusion, mood swings, long term memory loss, and tangles in the brain during this disease. It was named after Alos Alzheimer in 1906. The testing for this disease is called neurological.

a brain  tumor is a collection of abnormal cells in the brain. there are about 69,720 new cases every year. some symptoms are muscle twitches, jerks, spasms, headaches, seizures hearing loss, and vision loss. the treatments are according to the location of tumor, its size, type of tumor, your age, and any additional medical problems. diet soda have few calories, but some nutrition experts say it may lead to weight gain and raise your cancer risks. breast feeding not only gives a baby a healthy start, but it can lower your risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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