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How a tornado is formed


Historical Examples

The barneveld tornado June 8, 1984 Barneveld,WI

(35 years ago) 1. Name: Barneveld tornado, Where:June 8, 1984 Barneveld,WI 90% of town was destroyed, When: 3.1 decade

$40 million dollars, 9 people were killed

(90 years ago) 2. Name: Tri-State Tornado Where: Missouri,Illinois and Indiana When: March 18, 1925

$1.4 billion, 695 people died

Tri- state tornado March 18, 1925

Impact on Human Life

  1. the weather people sound the sirens off to notify you.
  2. to increase the people dying you can go down in your basement.
  3. bring a flashlight because the tornado will take out power.
  4. go into a safety shelter, where you are safe.
  5. watch all the weather channels to make sure and check the radar

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