Mobile Apps for Learning

In K-12 Classrooms

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is an App that is powered by Google Inc. It allows students to share and edit resources, collaborate on given tasks or group activities with their peers. I plan to use this for group projects; such as: group lab report or group presentation. I can   also use the Google Docs to give them instant feedback on their journal or essay writing.  

2. Socartive

Socartive is a type of software that allows students to respond to a question in class by using his or her personal mobile device. This could be used in a class to evaluate the understanding of a concept at the end of the lecture or class. Which then will allow teachers to plan their lessons around the concepts that students need help with.

3. Notability

Notability is an app that allows note-taking, annotation, recording of he lectures, etc. It can be used in a class for several purposes. Students can use it to take notes and analyze articles or essays by using the annotation feature. Also, I can add my voice on the slides to explain the concepts, this way students will have access to the recording even at home.

4. Physics for Kids

Physics for Kids is an app that allows to learn concepts and topics in physics with fun games. This can used to teach and supplement the lecture components and difficult topics.

5. Animoto

Animoto Video Maker is used to create videos from simple photos or from video clips. Students can use this for their group presentations, they can make a video of them selves. Also, this will be very beneficial in a drama class, in which students can record their plays.

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