By: Zach Hurley

Botanical Name; Magnolia grandiflora

Common Name; Southern magnolia

Light Requirement; Half Shade Half Sunlight

Size; 30-35 foot with 8-12 foot spread

Facts; Grows best in the Southern States

It is tolerant to multiple types of soil wet/dry

Fall Colors; Yellow, Orange, and Red, compared to White Pink and Green

It is an evergreen but some lose their leaves and some Don't

Botanical Name; Pinus Nigra

Common Name; Austrian Pine

Light Requirements; More Sun then Shade

Size; 40-60 foot, 25-35 foot spread

Facts, Fast Growing, Doesn't Change Colors

Fall colors; green

Doesn't lose leaves it's an Evergreen

Botanical Name; Liquidamber Styraciflua

Common name; Sweet gum tree

Light requirements; half sun half shade

Size; 30-50ft spread and up to 150ft tall 2-3ft in diameter

Facts; Gum ball is a fruit

Fall colors; Orange and Red compared to normal green

They lose their leaves and gum balls

They aren't evergreen but some lose their leaves and some don't

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