The Finale of The Twilight Zone Halloween Countdown

We thank you for tuning in with us to view the five freakiest Twilight Zone episodes in this years Halloween countdown. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Number 1

The Dummy

What do you get when you combine a talking dummy with a schizophrenic ventriloquist. A night to remember along the grey night way that is. Struggling to keep his job at a small bar and club Jerry Etherson needs to find a way to make his act work or he is a goner. Deciding to switch up the routine and try a different dummy things get a little strange when that change happens. You watch this episode at your own risk because it leads to the future. Not one that might happen but one that will. Take a glance across the bootstraps of time and you'll notice a never ending waiver of caution. That is the main thing to be: cautious. You never know what may lurk in the dark, out of the way corners, of the Twilight Zone