College Project #ACESL3

1.letter of intent

2.embedded video application

4.letter of recommendation


6.FAFSA form (paper copy)

Letter of Intent

Dear UTEP,

My name is Paul Swatts I would love to attend this college because I have heard about your Music Education Program and I am very interested. The reason why I would like to attend UTEP is because since i was a little boy I've dreamed about going to UTEP and study music. I always practice on writing songs and playing drums. You might be thinking ''why should we let him attend here'' and to answer that question is because I would like to be someone in life. I would try my hardest in all my classes, ill make sure im in class on time.

Letter of Recommandation

Dear UTEP,

I recommend Isaac to attend UTEP because he would love to join your football team. I'm sure you wont regret having im at UTEP.

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remember this is due at the end of the period

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