Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

K. Cox

The Telephone- 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone not only evolved how we communicated with each other, it also dramatically affected the speed at which we communicated. With the telephone we were able to communicate with people from miles away.

Typewriter- 1873

Christopher Latham Sholes

With the typewriter communication became quicker. Also newspapers became more popular and later Mark Twain wrote the first typewritten book.

Automatic Lubricator- 1872

Elijah McCoy

With the automatic lubricator, it helped trains go faster and it was less dangerous.

Phonograph- 1877

Thomas Edison

The phonograph is important because it allowed people to record music and play it back. To this day we still use these todays.

Automatic Dishwasher- 1886

Josephine Cochrane

Josephine invented the dishwasher because she wanted to relieve tired housewives from having to wash dirty dishes. For awhile only hotels and restaurants wanted to use the automatic dishwasher until it finally started to get popular in the 1950's.

Carbon Filament- 1882

Lewis Latimer

The carbon filament was actually highly inefficient, but it banished the soot and fire hazards of coal-gas jets and thus soon gained wide acceptance. Thanks to the incandescent lamp, electric lighting became an accepted part of urban life by 1900.

Gasoline-Powered Automobile- 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The very first gasoline-powered car was shaped like a buggy and had four metal tires. With cars now being made transporting goods and people would become 100 times more simpler than is was.

Hand-Held Camera- 1888

George Eastman

The Kodak was a simple box camera that came loaded with a 100-exposure roll of film. With this new handheld camera people could take it with them and capture the moments forever.

Powered Flight- 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

When the first successful powered flight took place, it was right when the industrial revolution was taking place. With planes companies would be able to ship goods to farther places even faster.

Ice Machine- 1865

Thaddeus Lowe

With an ice machine people now won't be getting as sick from spoiled meat because they can keep it nice and fresh in the ice. It saved people from having to throw away a lot of their food and starving.

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