8th Period:  Tyvon H, Arkeyillia M, Vanessa P, Jamesha W.

Life could be hard because of the stereotypes that are put on African Americans teens but there are some that see things they shouldn’t be seen or put around at such young ages. They are wrong there are some that strive to do better and want to make something of themselves even with what life has but in front of them.

September 5th

2015 a group of Al Raby high school teen team gathered togather for a football game to support the foot ball players they are called the Al Raby pom pom team and it one thing that
they love to do “Dance”.

Kids everyday choose if they would like to finish school or not. These kids in this photo made a choice that they would take the time and make sure that they graduate. People go above and beyond to make sure they accomplish their needs. These are kids for a graduation in June of 2014.

Kids do take time and actually do their work. Kids in Ms. Jones 2nd period honors chemistry class are completing their bellringer (Do Now!) Its about 9:15 in the morning at this moment but kids are still cooperating even though is very early.

Kids in Al Raby High school 7th period, Spanish class. Its about 1:45 in the afternoon. Kids are completing bell ringers. The person taking this picture was concentrated. Kids in Al Raby rarely pay attention because they are usually busy doing other things. They are either talking to a friend, on their phone or watching the clock waiting on class to be over. Kids are always in another state of mind. In some photos there are photos of the kids doing their work, some concentrated

Al Raby High School a school mostly full of African America students in the city of Chicago where teens become to learn and try to become something in life like myself.

School Is The Key

Kids everyday decide if they will go to school or not. These photos show every reason why education is everything. Education is a large key! As long as you have education you can accomplish anything that you would like. Getting a education leads you to anything that you would like to accomplish. Kids in this photo attend Al Raby High school and are doing a very good job at trying to maintain themselves. These kids are doing work, unconsecrated and some contain sports.. No matter what you should always attend school and be productive.

As I see some cars driving, they look for parking when the sun is out. When I see in the window I see one driver parked by the front of my house when I see the bus stop by 6:20 am. (Vanessa Pellecer).

In the night, the driver has to watched for stops at the sign when the street security camera on surveillance as the driver takes a step of the brake pedal to stop the car. As drivers needs to have the driving safety. (Vanessa Pellecer)

Ducks and geese are swimming in the pond as some ducks fly to south on the fall before winter.(Vanessa Pellecer)

there was about  three cameraman's form the news channel that was out there was 6 and 5 and there was one more but a women she the would about wast going on with the fire

the 4 firefighter and  there was more man there to help with the fire because they was trying to put the big fire out but the fire just would not go out and they hand so much water

the firefighter was talking about

On September 24th

On 2014 at 8:41pm walking down the street in the Austin area you are more than likely to see building that are boarded up and the government has not done anything to save or fix
the community that we live in.

A look down Madison street at about 6:30 in the evening. The sun is setting. Everyone is making their way home from school or work at this time. The streets aren't crowded but sidewalks are full. It makes me think not too many people actually have cars now a days.

In the city of Chicago there are beautiful big building and a beautiful view of those buildings

from navy pier where there are multicultural people with lots of ambition to succeed like me.

A college fare at navy pier was laid out for the children of Chicago on September 27th

with mixed gender teens ready to start learning about college life. They were eager to learn.

The instructor said go home and write a page tonight and let the page come out of you…. From Chicago born and raised a hard knocked life with 99 problems but only one matter.Living by quotes, finding myself in big buildings and coded text. Judged by many and love by few is the way my life has played out to be. Wanting to forget the pasty and focus on the future i have to do what it takes to succeed. So let go of the 100 problems, stop living by quotes and stop text coding my life. Brush pass the b.s and a man raised by the city of Chicago.(Tyvon.H)

The instructor said, Go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you--- Then, it will be true. Being my age ain't easy Young girl in Chicago It ain't easy I try everyday Everyday to be the best i can It’s easy to say that life is easy But that would be lying Trying accomplish everything? Trying make sure life is good? I got plans on attending Berkeley College Only way i can do that is by staying focused I got plans on things like that Being my skin color sometimes gets you discriminated against It gets you labeled That's Sad Especially when you’re nothing like the others thats around you Always trying to be different Staying in Chicago ain't easy It ain't as interesting either Lets try moving away and becoming something in life Lets try proving the whites that still discriminate ..Wrong! Things like that is things i’m trying to accomplish. I will try everything i can to make my life everything it needs to be! (Arkeyillia M.)

The people needs to blessed and pray for their memories and dead people for some funeral as to have religion as to get to respect the gods as the baptisms and holy communions.(Vanessa Pellecer)

Theme for English B by Vanessa Pellecer

I was a math girl. I have the A+ for the 2 year of math.                                                                             I was smart student.                                                                                                                 I want to have an A+ for a grade.                                                                                                 I know about science.                                                                                                              As I get a lot of information.                                                                                                           I became a genius for English 4.                                                                                                      I love kingdom hearts and harvest moon.

I like my sweet iPads.

I wanted to have better attendance.

I like to hear music I never use a wheelchair in my life.

The acen is my life.

I love brownies with nuts.

I like to going to a fun place.

The zoo is bad for me.

I was an honor student.

I love and trust the little kitties.

The dogs that are very ugly are so snort as a pig.

I see some girls that are Gothic.