University of Texas at San Antonio

Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis

"Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy."

Fight, Roadrunners, Fight!

Mascot: Rowdy

Campus History

In June 1969, the Texas Legislature establishes a University of Texas campus in San Antonio. A year later, Arleigh B. Templeton is named the first president of the university. Another year passes before Mr. Dewey D. Davis is the first faculty member appointed. Through those two years the school was granted more land and began to expand a bit more, making it the largest new university under construction. In September 1975, the 4,433 students enrolled began their first day of classes.

Ever since the school has continued to grow and given chances to open other campuses throughout the city of San Antonio. With recent land grants, the school has been able to accommodate nearly 29,000 and be able to meet their educational needs. Currently they offer 190 degree programs and has a continuing achievement of their programs being internationally recognized.

Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2013)

Percent of Applicants accepted 73%

Test Scores -- 25th/75th Percentile

  •                       SAT Critical Reading: 450/750
  •                        SAT Math: 490/590
  •                        SAT Writing: 440/540

ACT Composite: 20 / 25

ACT English: 18 / 24

ACT Math: 19 / 26

ACT Writing: 6 / 8

Tuition and Costs

For Undergraduates

For Graduates

Campus Life: Rowdy Wing Fling

Rowdy Wing Fest is typically set in September and this festival raises awareness to the risks of alcohol use, and promotes how to drink safely.

Degree Plan: BA in Chemistry

Major: Chemistry     Minor: Criminal Justice

1. Communication

  • ESOL 1311 (Expository English Composition For Speakers of ESL)
  • ESOL 1312 (Research and Critical Writing For Speakers of ESL)
  • RWS 1301 (Rhetoric & Composition I)
  • RWS 1302 (Rhetoric & Composition 2)
  • RWS 1601 (Rhetoric, Composition & Communication)

2. American History

  • HIST 1301 (History of U.S. to 1865)
  • HIST 1302 (History of U.S. Since 1865)

3. Language, Philosophy, & Culture

  • ENGL 2311 (English Literature)  
  • ENGL 2313 (Intro to American Fiction)
  • ENGL 2314 (Intro to American Drama)  
  • ENGL 2318 (Intro to American Poetry)
  • HIST 2301 (World History to 1500)  
  • HIST 2302 (World History Since 1500)  
  • PHIL 1301 (Introduction to Philosophy)  
  • PHIL 2306 (Ethics)
  • RS 1301 (Introduction to Religious Studies)  
  • SPAN 2340 (Seeing & Naming: Conversations)
  • WS 2300 (Introduction to Women's Studies)  
  • WS 2350 (Global Feminisms)

4. Mathematics

  • MATH 1319 (Math in the Modern World)
  • MATH 1320 (Math for Social Sciences I)
  • MATH 1411 (Calculus I)  
  • MATH 1508 (Precalculus)  
  • MATH 2301 (Math for Social Sciences II)
  • MATH 2326 (Differential Equations)
  • STAT 1380 (Descriptive & Inferential Stat)
  • STAT 2480 (Elementary Statistical Methods)

5. Life and Physical Sciences - Lab

  • ASTR 1107 (Astronomy Lab I)
  • BIOL 1103 (Introductory Biology Lab)
  • BIOL 1104 (Human Biology Laboratory)
  • BIOL 1107 (Topics in Study of Life I)
  • BIOL 1108 (Organismal Biology Laboratory)
  • BIOL 2111 (Human Anat/Physio Lab I)
  • CHEM 1407 (Introductory Chemistry)
  • ESCI 1101 (Environmental Sci. Lab)
  • GEOL 1111 (Principles of Earth Sci)
  • PHYS 1403 (General Physics I)
  • PHYS 1404 (General Physics II)
  • PHYS 2420 (Introductory Mechanics)
  • PHYS 2421 (Introductory Electromagnetism)

6. Political Sciences

  • POLS 2310 (Introduction to Politics)
  • POLS 2311 (American Gover & Politics)

7. Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • ANTH 1301 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archeology)
  • ANTH 1302 (Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  • ANTH 1310 (Cultural Geography)
  • ANTH 2320 (Intro to Linguistics)  
  • CE 2326 (Econ for Engrs & Scientists)
  • COMM 2350 (Interpersonal Communication)  
  • COMM 2372 (Mass Media and Society)
  • ECON 2303 (Principles of Economics)   
  • EDPC 1301  (Introduction to Ed Psychology)
  • EDU 1342 (Action Research in Classrooms)    
  • LING 2340 (Lang. Inside & Out: Sel Topics)
  • PSYC 1301 (Introduction to Psychology)  
  • SOCI 1301 (Introduction to Sociology)

8. Creative Arts

  • ART 1300 (Art Appreciation)
  • ARTH 1305 (History of Art I)  
  • DANC 1304 (Dance Appreciation)  
  • FILM 1390 (Intro-Art of Motion Pict.)
  • MUSL 1321 (Intro to Music History)
  • MUSL 1324 (Music Appreciation)  
  • MUSL 1327 (Jazz to Rock)
  • THEA 1313 (Introduction to Theatre)

9. Component Area Option

BUSN 1301 (Intro to Global Business)  

COMM 1301 (Public Speaking)

COMM 1302 (Business/Profession Comm)

CS 1310 (Intro-Computational Thinking)

CS 1320 (Computer Programming Sci/Engr)

SCI 1301 (Inquiry in Math & Science)

UNIV 1301 (Seminar/Critical Inquiry)

Why I deserve the scholarship

For me school has always been one of my top priorities. I have always made sure to attend every class and put in all my effort for every assignment, and receiving this scholarship will only prove that I really did my best throughout my school years. If I receive this scholarship, it will help push me for the best the I can do and the scholarship can help me more successful later in my life.

To begin with, having this scholarship can be my motivation for staying in school. I say this because having an organization or a single person pay for my college, will surely make me want to stay in school and use the most of their money that they have provided me to use for my studies. I believe this scholarship will give me the push that I need to get by and possibly top 10% of my class. With my parent’s money, I don’t think it’ll push me enough, because I didn’t work for their money, like I did for the scholarship. Another instance of it being my motivation, can be that it will raise my academic confidence, because being selected as the winner above all other applicants will prove that I have what it takes. Being awarded this scholarship is what I need for my motivation and I can certainly benefit from this award.

Secondly, with the scholarship, that may be granted, can lead to me being more successful later in life. Like for example, there would be more money in my pocket because I wouldn’t have to pay years worth of student loans and other unpaid debts. Also, the scholarship will be written in my personal records, that my future employers can view and possibly improve my chances of getting the job I am applying for. Everyone dreams of being successful, and with this scholarship I can say that I am successful. Without a doubt, this honor will not only help me, but my future family as well.

It would be a dream come true, if I was granted this prize. I would be able to do so much with the prize, and become more. With the help of the prize scholarship me and others can surely benefit from the outcomes.


Average Yearly Earnings: 100k-250k

Level of Education: 4 Year College or University

Working Conditions: In Office and in Hospitals

Job Description: Coroners are death investigators. When a person dies unexpectedly, the coroner is called to investigate the death and must come to a conclusion of how that person died. To be a coroner a person must be appointed or elected, due the fact of this being a government job. Though it is a medically induced job, being a medical doctor is not required. A coroner is also present in the court, and often called to the stand to testify. Coroners take action in both the criminal justice and medical world.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry
  • Minor in Criminal Justice
  • Graduate from a 4 year Med School
  • Must have a Medical License
  • Must be elected or appointed as coroner by government officials

Cover Letter for City Coroner


I am applying for a position as El Paso City Coroner, and I hope you will be able to grant me this.

In the past, I have volunteered then worked at El Paso’s Veterans Affairs, giving me experience of what occurs in the hospital and the privilege of working with people that are on the brink of death. I started off doing little office things, then was promoted to help veterans get to their appointments and talk with the veterans about signing up for a new mandatory online program. More recently, I am volunteering at the local red cross. I help as much as I can, whenever I have the available time. Sometimes I even get the chance to organize a volunteering activity for the program to do. Another event I participated in is El Paso’s Special Olympics, which is a series of sport events performed by people of all ages with disabilities. Through all the events I have been apart of I have gained more leadership, team, communication, and work skills. I have also learned my way around the hospital scene and worked with people of variety ages. In many ways I have been able to work with people and I am always available for duty, making me a perfect candidate.

Working as the city coroner is a perfect opportunity to perform my newfound skills and being able to work with other people will surely widen my knowledge. This role is an important role, and I believe I will be a contesting candidate for this position and not only I, but the city will begin to benefit from me being there.


Aureleah Jimenez

3472 Mike Godwin Dr.

El Paso, TX 79936


Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without delay that I write this letter of recommendation for Aureleah Jimenez for the title of El Paso City Coroner, as I have known this outstanding woman for a large span of my life. My relationship with Aureleah has shown not only her caring personality, but also her adapting skills. I have witnessed Aureleah undergo extremely difficult trials and perform tasks shunned by the average person with such grace and determination. However, good is not enough for her, as she strives for excellence in all she does for others as much as she does for herself.

Aureleah has participated in multiple extracurricular activities and also taken part in several vigorous organizations, showing a glimpse of her dedication and extraordinary capabilities as well as her fascinating communication skills. Being one of her strongest assets, Aureleah can speak fluently as well as appropriately in any situation which allows her to work extremely well with her coworkers. Patience is another trait that Aureleah possesses, almost as no other human being can obtain, which also is effective in her skills in not only communication, but also in learning and succeeding in new skills. Her intelligence, dedication, creative thinking and strive towards excellence will make her the perfect candidate, as well as the most qualified to work for as he city coroner.

It has been an honor to have had such a relationship as well as a friendship as Aureleah, and undeniably will she have such a bond with you. If there are any concerns, feel free to contact me by phone (915)244-4957 or email , thank you for your time.


Jacob Chavez


Aureleah Jimenez

3472 Mike Godwin Dr.

El Paso, Texas 79936




Education History


Aug. 2018 - May 2020

University of Texas at San Antonio, Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

San Antonio, Texas

July 2014 - June 2018

Pebble Hills High School, Grades 9-12

El Paso, Texas


Volunteer Experience


July 2014 - Oct. 2014

My Heath eVet - I would help veteran sign up for a mandatory online program

Supervisor: El Paso Veteran Affairs,

El Paso, Texas

Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2013

Salesman - Every now and then I would help school faculty sell concessions at a school game, trying to raise money for whatever program in need

Supervisor: Mrs. Ceniceros

El Paso, Texas

May 2013 - May 2013

Donator - I pay to participate in races that occur on Fort Bliss with my family

Supervisor: Fort Bliss

El Paso, Texas


Awards & Certificates


AB Honor Roll - Most years I am congratulated with the AB Honor Roll Award

3rd place Math Competition - One year I came in 3rd place in a district math competition

Gold Presidential Award - For two separate hers I have been award with this honor of academic excellence


Extracurricular Activities


Math Club - an elementary math group of students competing with others across the city

Battle of the Books - a collection of students reading a total of 40 books and answering comprehensive question on the all the books competing with other school teams


Skills & Abilities


Able to multitask - I can perform different tasks simultaneously

Independent - My best work tends comes from working only own and I believe that I can provide on my own with little to no support


Hobbies & Interests


Volunteerism - Over breaks, I sign up to volunteer with family members or by myself at local hospitals

Reading - Reading has always been a strong love of mine and a favorite pass time

Bicycling - I use bicycling as a way to bond with my dad because during the week he will be gone most evening riding around town.