Creative Way of Package Chocolate

Most girls like eating chocolate and chocolate can represent lover. Then how can we package the chocolate to keep it fresh so that everyone can enjoy them? I will show you chocolate packaging box tips now.
Firstly, if the tin does not have a distinct lip or ridge on the edge, use a fine-tipped permanent marker to trace around the edge of the lid while it is on the tin, which will show you where to mask with type. Secondly, be sure that decoupage glue looks milky when applied but it dries clear. Thirdly, when you don't have any decoupage glue, you can make some by adding a small amount of water to craft glue. Furthermore, please keep chocolates refrigerated until it is time to pack for mailing or delivery to friends and family. In addition, you need to get a cardboard box which is two to three times larger than your container and which helps you to keep the tin away from the side of the gift packaging box to avoid jostling about and away from heat. What's more, you will be unable to immerse the tins in water afterward. But you can wipe them out with a damp cloth. Last but not least, decoupage glue is typically nontoxic and safe to be used for food. To be safe, please don't forget to check your packaging before using.
Most people like using paper cake box to package chocolate and there are also different kinds of cake boxes. I'd like to introduce how to make paper cake box to show paper foldable box. The first step is to conglutinate the three pieces of the cake slice together. Then fold them up and glue it to make a slice. Second step is to roll round the candle body into a tight tube to glue it down to make the stripes on the candle line up a spiral pattern. After that fold over the flame parts and glue them down to make a double thickness card and make the ends unglued. To make the candle tube fit the flame, please fold up the ends of the wick. Moreover, candle should be threaded down into the cake so that the inside bottom of the cake slice will be touched the end of the candle. Then we can use the wedge piece to join the cake top and bottom, and conglutinate the two side strips to the ends of the wedge. Last but not least, glue the edge strips down to the tabs and work your way round slowly to glue two or three tabs at a time. Your cake stays must be straight and un-twisted and the completed cake body looks nice and flat on the table. That's all for chocolate packaging tips.

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