for a hurricane to form you need warm ocean a ocean and i must higher than 80F and it provides energy not like after you drink a can of pop or soda it need energy for the hurricane and it cause more evaporation cause the air to turn humid air and clouds then the winds coming together to move up  the top of the storm then allowing the air below to rise  then the humid air rising makes the clouds of the storm then light winds outside the hurricane steers it and lets it go the winds are controled by the moving eather and its called the corioloios efeect causes the hurican to move becuase the wind isent staraght. historical example hurricane Katrina  happen in August 23, 2005 – August 31, 2005 it killed 1833 people because people knew about it in it cost $81 billion dollars in damage. second hurricane is Galveston hurricane Formed August 27, 1900 Dissipated September 17, 1900 Fatalities 6000–12,000 Damage$20 million. to prepare thy would us the map on the weather Channel  to find out if there's a hurricane or have un breakable windows and batteries for if the power goes out and food and water

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