Power of Julius Caesar
July 12, 100 B.C. - March 15, 44 B.C.

When Caesar was around the age of 30 he left Rome and  joined the army,  serving under Marcus Minucius Thermus in Asia. When he returned to Rome  he was elected military tribune, later on in 69 BC he was elected quaestor which was a type of public official who supervised the  financial affairs of the state and conducted audits. In 66 BC he was  curator of the Appian Way, he was in charge of one of the most important  Roman Roads. In 63 BC he ran for an election to become the Chief Priest  of the Roman state religion and won the election. In 61 BC Caesar was  appointed to govern Hispania Ulterior, in Hispania he conquered the  Callaici and Lusitani, his troops hailed him as imperator. Also in 60 BC  the senate of Rome appointed him as imperator  which was a title given  to the commander under the Roman Republic, but Caesar wanted to be  consul which is the highest elected office of the Roman Republic. In 50  BC Pompey ordered Caesar to return to Rome because his term as governor  had finished. In 49 BC Caesar went with his army after the Senate and  Pompey, he was outnumbered but Pompey didn't fight instead he fled and  Caesar tried to capture Pompey but he escapeed towards Spain. in 48 BC  Caesar went to Spain and defeated Pompey's Commanders and Lieutenants  and then defeated Pompey at the Battle of Pharsalus. A few years later,  Caesar returned to Rome and was looked at differently by some people,  soon there was a group of conspirators lead by Cassius and Brutus, there  were others in the group as well, they all planned to kill Caesar  because they feared he would have great power and would become Dictator  of Rome. Mark Antony a good friend of Caesar offered him a crown three  times and Caesar denied all three offers. On March 15, 44 BC, Caesar was  manipulated by one of the conspirators to go to the Senate because they  were going to make him Emperor of Rome, at the Senate building, the  conspirators distracted Caesar while one of the conspirators named Casca  stabbed him in the back and the rest of the conspirators stabbed him as  well, even Brutus one of Caesars good friends stabbed him. Caesar was  assassinated that day and the conspirators were killed and a war began  between Octavius, Mark Antony and Brutus and Cassius. The remaining  conspirators were killed, Caesar's story lives on and will be heard for  many years.

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