Principles of the Declaration

By:Kat Eads

Inalienable and Governed by Consent.

Inalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken away from us. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Every person is entitled to these rights, whether out of society or in it. Everybody should be able to have a life, and live it. Everyone should also be able to have freedom and deserves to be happy.

Consent of the Governed means that the people run the government. The government does not run the people. If the people don’t like the government, they have the right to change it.

Why does a government need consent of the governed?

We need consent of the governed because its important for everyone to have a say in the ruling thats happening. The people should have some control in the government and be able to state our options. If we didn't have a say, the ruling wouldn't run so smoothly and there would be a lot more conflict.

Who is responsible for protecting or guaranteeing our unalienable rights?

I would have to say the government is responsible for this ruling. If we don't think we have rights and not enforce them, there not just gonna go any. They will still be there. The government has also promised us that they will protect our inalienable rights.

Are of unalienable rights and government by consent in the Declaration outdated, or are they still true today?

Yes of course! The Declaration still keeps its word and is still true to the people. Also they cannot be outdated, knowing some of the rules may be tweaked a little bit, but they still exist.

Do these principles matter to you?

They defiantly matter, not so much now but as I get older I will care more. I will have a better chance to state my option and it would be easier to be heard.