A Few Things That Could Ruin a Good Relationship among Couples

The relationship with two people in a marriage is what keeps them going on well in life. It is like the wheels of a vehicle. If one wheel does not work, the vehicle comes to a halt. That is true. Whether you are a husband or wife, you cannot lead a happy and prosperous life alone. However, not many people understand this fact and commit mistakes which affect their relationship. But sometimes, the cause of a strained relationship is not their mistakes; it is some physical condition such as sexual dysfunction.

Here are some key factors that can negatively impact your relationship:

Comparing Your Spouse

Some men compare their wife to other women in terms of beauty and physique, which most ladies don’t like. Yes, if you admire the beauty and talent of other women and look down upon your own lady, it may not be the right thing to do, as it will affect your love and bond and may be will ruin your love.

Spending Time with Other Ladies

Some men love to spend time outside their relationship with other females. They are often rich or spoilt brats who are seen hand in hand with beautiful and talented ladies at parties and events. They are often spotted posing together, eating in the same plate and of course hugging and kissing each other. When their wives come to know about this, they feel cheated, rejected and betrayed. They may also tend to revenge on them and spend time with other guys from neighbourhood, relatives or even friend circle.

Avoiding Your Lady

It is natural with some men that they don’t like their own wives and always admire others. So much so that they are not able to spend the desired time with their lady and keep chasing other women. Such men enjoy talking less with their women, avoiding intimacy and spending little time with them. They don’t take their lady to parties, rather prefer to with others. This makes a big difference in their lives.

Not Standing by Her in Bad Times

Life is full of ups and downs. There good as well as bad times you have to go through. If you don’t stand during her bad patch of life, it may force her to change her perception about you. She finds herself to be a liability on you and may tend to go and share her feelings with someone who consoles her and stand by her in bad times. This also is a big factor why many couples lose that strong bond between them.

Romancing with Other Girls

After one night stand has become common, many men tend to try other women in bed. Maybe they find them more attractive or maybe they are not satisfied with their lady, but then it is happening quite commonly these days. Whether justifiable or not, this habit of men may lead to a divorce or breakup.

Negative Statements

Some men and women have this bad habit of criticising, calling names or abusing their spouse behind. A negative statement about each other kills your love and relationship. It breaks the trust, honesty and kindness on which relationships are built. Make sure that you stay positive and honest to each other and don’t talk or say something, which may lead to relationship troubles between you and your lady.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is not the only criterion to survive in a relationship, but it is important element that you cannot miss. Many men suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction these days, which ruins the heat and romance in bedroom. This is the prime reason why every year thousands of women file a divorce case. Their argument is always simple- they don’t feel satisfied in bed. If you too are suffer from sexual problems, there are some effective remedies which can help you perform well in bed and save your relationship.

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