Internet Safety

By: Alessio Masciotra and Anthony Mallouk

Safe Surfing Tips

  1. Don’t give any personal information such as my address, telephone number, parents’ work address without your parents’ permission.
  2. 2.Do not agree to get together with someone you meet online without first checking with your parents.
  3. 3. Do not give anyone your password because if you do your friend could go on all your networks.
  4. 4.  Don’t install a program if you don’t know what it is because it could jeopardize your family’s privacy.5.

                         Know the risks

1.DO NOT use your face as a profile picture because if someone who does not know you can track you down

2. Kids can go online from so many sources, including video game consoles and electronic devices, but don't do anything that could be tracked by hackers.

                       Protect Yourself

  1. Tell someone you trust what happened, whether that's a parent, a teacher or a friend.
  2. If a threat to your safety was involved, call the police immediately!
  3. Cyberbullying is happening to more and more teens every day. No one deserves it, and we can all do more to stop it.

                        Social Networking

1.Always tell your parents about where you're going to sign up on, you don’t know if it’s a safe social network website.

2.Don’t say negative things to say online, the police may track that message,

3.Don’t respond to any hurtful messages about you and don’t put any inappropriate pictures on the internet it can also be traced back to you by the police.

                             Other Ideas

1.It is fun to go online and surf the web, but some people aren't that nice and try to hack.

2. Also hackers who hack into your computer to take off the the virus.

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