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Who is ready to dig in with me, sorry not sharing my french toast.  But who is ready to learn about who social media can help your small business grow into a large business.  Over my 5 years as a professional trainer, building training sessions for all sorts of audiences, I have found that using social media has always lead me into my next job.

So today we will be looking at how social media can help your company grow without costing you an arm and a leg. The tools we will be looking at today at piktograph, facebook, pinterest, twitter, and  Facebook, pinterest, twitter and are widely used by millions of people and easy to access, build a following and contact with potential customers.



Facebook is a great way to create a following of people on a very casual social setting.  Today we will review Facebook for the first 30 mintues of the training, next you will create a Facebook profile for your business for 30 minutes.  Following that you will begin to promote your business and follow people.  To wrap up the training we will review each profile, and talk about ways to improve.

First step is to create a profile for your buisness, I would suggest using your business email as your log in so people can reach out and connect to you easily.  For the profile picture try to get a picture of something you sell, or a picture of your store front.   Goose Island Brewery in Chicago, IL has a great initial profile...

They have their website listed, contact information, and links back to their website.  You want it to be as easy as possible from people to transition from the Facebook page to your retail space.  

You have to be active on any social media,  you cannot just make a page an expect people to follow you.  You need to post, tag others in your posts to attract people,and promote your page.  Promoting is really like buying advertising space and getting your name in front of people.  

A great way to gain followers is to create a contest for the 100th person to follow your company gets a free night hotel, or a free event on a trip.   You can include your facebook information in your email signature, for people know you are out there and to follow you.  If people do not know your facebook exists they will not follow you.

Unlike twitter there are no limits on what you can post.  But interactive is the best way to go, a quick story with a picture and link will allow people to quickly see if they are interested or not.


Pinterest is a social bookmarking tools that allows pinners to keep bookmarks of ideas, pictures, websites and allows them to post for others to see.  When creating a Pinterest account it is easy to have a great following but leads to small business.  Really the key to this is to post multiple times daily so that you are always trending on the home page.   Above you can see an example of some "boards" that I have created.  There are boards that can be public or private.

For this exercise we will spend a limited time on your profile, around 10 minutes to create this.   Then we will spend around 25 minutes setting up your boards, which are catagories of items.  We will explore your homepage which is the most recent pins, for 25 minutes to see how people pin ideas, and post to categories.  Then we will explore searching for people or topics.  Searching and finding people to follow is time consuming but fun, lets take 30 minutes to search and find 20 people to follow. These people that we follow should be people that are likely to buy your products to promote your products by re-pinning your product.  Then we will spend 20 minutes to show you how to pin items using the URL and making sure a quick description is up and a picture shows up.  The final 10 minutes will be a Q&A session.

Your user profile is not as important as Facebook at attract followers, but your posts are just as important.   We will be showing you today how to create a profile, pinboards. From there we will show you how to re-pin, and create pins.   Then we will friend each other and review each others pinboards and links they use.

The problem with Pinterest is that is is full of Do-It-Yourselves, you when posting you company's products you need to be sure that it is not leading followers on how to do it themselves, but leads them to your website to buy the product from you.  For example, if you are a realtor you should be posting pictures of exotic locations, inspiration beach scenes, or top travel tips.   But have the URL that is attached to each picture link back to your website.   If you are posting things about Ireland, be sure not to have the link to go but whatever your website is).

Now we will review how to search and follow people. Start with people you know to gain a small following.  From a small following the more you post the more people will see your information and posts and be sure to follow you.  


Twitter is a social media tool, that utilizing micro-blogging.  Micro-blogging, just like it sounds are quick thoughts, or short links that lead back to websites.  Today we will allow 10 minutes to create a profile, then for the next 20 minutes we will review as a group the pros and cons of twitter.   Then for the next 20 minutes we will talk about Hash-tags, how to use them and tracking them.  We will then take time individually around 30 minutes to search and follow people/groups or companies that would be targeted audiences or even a competing company.   For 30 minutes as a group we will explore ways to keep active on twitter whether tweeting thoughts/ideas or links. Then finally as a wrap up 10 minutes we will review any questions.

We are not putting as much of a focus on creating a profile for twitter because it all about what you post that people will follow you not based off your background information.  While it is important to have your thumbnail picture be something that everyone can identify with and your company's contact information the profile does not have to be in-depth.  

Pros and cons.   Some of the pros of twitter, are that it allows you to connect with potentially millions of people around the world.  Another is that people do not need to follow you directly to see you tweets, your followers can re-tweet your tweet for their followers to see.  So the more followers you have the more re-tweets you get the more viewing audience you have available to you.   Another pro is that you can promote yourself and will automatically show up on peoples feeds that do not follow you.    

Cons.   A con of twitter is that you need to be active, you will not be able to attract and retain a following if you are not on regularly tweeting, or re-tweeting.  Another is that while it is a micro-blog you are limited to a certain amount of characters which at times can be difficult to get you ideas across.

Searching people is the most fun and easiest part.  This is the closest to stalking that is allowed.  You can search for people or hash-tags.  Hash-tags, for the older folks is also the pound sign #.   When you want to keep things organized by topic you can type your tweet then # a statement.  For example during the NFL draft if you follow football, when people are tweeting about any trades or rumors they will tweet then #NFLDraft2015.   While it does count in the tweet is a good way to start a trend.  Many are using these at conferences as well to maintain a conversation.  But when searching people you can simply start by following someone you know, then see how they follow and see who they follow and so on.  So you are really get lost in a web of followers.  But as you come across a category you like you will then start to get recommendations on who to follow as well.  Then the idea is that people will start to follow you.

Keeping active is a key.  Whether it is following people, tweeting ideas or links or even live blogging something.   Example if you a travel agent, and you go on vacation you can tweet what you are doing at that time.  So if you go to Aruba, you are tweet pictures of you sitting on the beach, or a picture of the beach, with a link back to your website with travel package information. There is a fine line of being active without being annoying, and as you tweet you will have the feeling if you are over tweeting.

There are additional tools and applications that you can utilize within Twitter to help organize and schedule your tweets.  If you have an event coming up and you know you will be running around and not remember to send out your tweets.  Tweet4me is a great way to schedule a tweet and not forget about it.  

Some examples that you can use are "d tweet4me +2h"  then your tweet will delay the tweet for hours then post.    You can can tell it a time, it is based on military time, so if you want to tweet about can event starting at 3:30pm, you would use "d tweet4me 1530h".

Finally if you have any questions you can find me on twitter and private message me, or email me.  I am here to help.

Welcome to our session on is a great social media tool that allows you to create a visual presentation with charts, graphs and maps.   Lets begin, set up is easy and should only take around 5 minutes.   There is an introduction clip show that we can follow along that shows us the basic tools that has.    Reading the slides and following along should take around 15 minutes.  After we read the introductions lets all take 20 minutes to play around has a group to help each other figure out this new system.    Now lets takes 45 minutes to play around on your own to create a Infograph, of data for your own company.  One company that I have done work for is New York Institute of Technology's Admission Office.  So I will be playing around with some numbers to give an idea of what a presentation should look like in the end.

You can view a quick presentation that I put together.  There are many additional steps and visual aids that you can use, but view for a quick sample of what can be done.

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