Oil Sands

Canada is eager to develop Oil Sands because Canada get a lot money out of it. Also Canada has 11% of Oil in the whole world Canada thinks instead of it sitting there they should use it and gain a profit out of it.

Oil is a non-renewable resource and its very expensive. Canada has 11% of the oil so once its gone we have nothing left and then Canada will end up losing a lot of money.

11 million litres of toxic wastewater leaks into the Athabasca River every day so those toxic waste will cause the rare type of cancer thats increasing rapidly

One point would be cancer and it was rare types of cancers for example Bile Duct and Colon cancer. the chemicals to separate water from oil gave people deseases or types of cancers.

Health concerns

tar sands refineries has also increased toxic pollution in a lot communities in Canada and the U.S. Also a lot of chemicals from the pollution goes into our food and water this causes rare forms of cancer because they are eating drinking and breathing chemicals in there daily lives. Another reason since there's a lot of chemicals in local lakes people cant eat the fishes because there either deformed or diseased that's another reason how people can get cancer. People especially the government doesn't realize that oil is a non renewable resource so once our oil is gone we cant get anymore oil so that means no more oil sands and Canada loses a lot of money. We only have 11% of oil in Canada so we have to be careful because one day we actually may need it when theres a crisis and we wont have it because it will be wasted on oil sands and other dumbs reasons. Our government needs to plan for the future instead of planning for the present because once our oil is gone so will our money.

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