My Hero

My hero is not a famous music star or a big hollywood guy he's just a ordinary person and he is my baseball/football coach Mr.mark. He shows and tells me and my team how you can become a men from a boy or a beggar from a wanter. He tells us how when he was our ages he went though the struggles like selling drugs just for a couple dollars and how he made some wrong turns but he also told us he learn from his mistakes and it made him better. He also went though the struggle of saving food and being clean and stuff like that, he said if you want something you need to choice what you want to do to get it(you want to go the wrong path and locked-up or take the right path and do good to get want you need/want). He said he went to jail for a little mistake that could of been avoided if he was just doing what he was suppose to do.

Heros overcome obstacles be have a dream and achieve or having a every day struggle and then overcome that struggle. Now i see why adults tell me to stay in school and you'll make it, so I want have to feel that type of lifestyle. But yeah anyways that's my hero and  that's how overcame his struggle or his obstacles in life.

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