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At any given instant of time flowleads app review has, on average, more active users than YouTube and Facebook combined. Most people here the word Torrents and they instantly think of illegal downloads and piracy. That is because people think of piratebay and downloading illegal music and films. While that is what a percentage of torrents are used for the amount of traffic passing through their system is mind boggling. To put it in perspective, FaceBook and Twitter both utilize BitTorrent for faster downloads. Amazon S3 comes equipped with built in BitTorrent. That shows you how huge and prevalent the technology is. It wasn’t till a few months ago that NetFlix passed BitTorrent. The reason they did pass them is because of the large number of internet ready TV’s on the market that allowpeople to stream Netflix straight to their TVs and mobile phones. If you want to do a little research into BitTorrents massive reach there are plenty of outlets that you can learn exactly what it is and how it operates. I won’t bore you with those details because you don’t need to know exactly how it works. All you need to know is that there is a ton of traffic out there. What we want to focus on is how to monetize this traffic and make easy CPA cash. With that, let’s gets started. To create a flowleads app review  you will 1 st need a client downloaded onto your computer. What this will do is break your file down into a “torrent” or smaller packets that will allow someone else to download them all from a separate location and then reassemble them to a complete file.Once you download the client and install it you will see this. To create your 1 st torrent click on the file tab and select “create new torrent”.You will want to .zip up the product/project. We will talk about password protecting them as well later on. I usually leave the trackers section as the default. The openbittorrent 1 is updated regularly since it is open source. To create the web seed simply upload the same file to any website that you have and include a link to that file here. All you have to do is click on “Create and Save as” and save it to your computer. That is what it will look like. Congrats, you have just created your 1 st torrent file. How easy was that? Now before we go into uploading the torrents and all that good stuff we need to talk about how to monetize the traffic. There are 2 very easy ways to go about this. Let’s talk about the 1 st method. The 1 st way to monetize the traffic is to add CPA links to the pdf. These links can lead to your cpa offers. Let’s walk through an example. 1 of the biggest niches to go after using torrents is the dating niche.This thing is absolutely HUGE! theest part of it is that it is also 1 of the easiest niches to monetize. Head on over to CJ.com and check out the offers that they have for match making. All you would need is some good dating PLR that you can use to upload to the torrent sites and insert your CPA affiliate links to the dating offers.Make money online is also a big part of the torrent downloads. Anyone who is getting started online needs to have web hosting. All you have to do is put a few eBooks on the torrent sites that talk about getting your 1 st flowleads app review up and running. Then head on over to Host Gator and set up an affiliate account. Once inside you will want to click on “Manage Coupons”.Then set up a coupon below: Now every time you talk about hosting in your ebook you can mention the coupon code that you set up with a link to Host Gator so that they can get hosting for $0.01 for the 1 st month.The payouts go up to $1 25 per sign up once you hit 25 signups a month.







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